Britpave Standard CSB



Central reserve safety barrier

Dual barrier


On Bridges -Verges

The surface mounted concrete highway barrier (CSB) is an innovative product developed by Britpave to simplify the installation of CSB. Surface mounted Britpave CSB is the preferred Britpave Barrier Systems’ product and method of installation for most situations. However, in certain circumstances, such as on bridge decks, embedded CSB must be used.

The main difference between surface mounted and embedded CSB is that it is constructed directly on the bituminous or concrete road surface, and does not require a separate concrete foundation or restraint. This reduces construction time and traffic management, requiring less excavation and less material compared to embedded CSB. Standard profile Britpave CSB is a slipformed barrier 900mm high above road level with an overall base width of 542mm (top width is 200mm).

Slipforming is a high-output automated process that reduces manual handling operations. Typically standard profile Britpave CSB can be slipformed at a rate of 400 linear metre per eight hour shift.

Highway Solution Benefits

A tested and complete solution

CE mark on installed ‘as-tested’ solution

Minimal Maintenance

Serviceable life of at least 50 years (for CSB)

High containment (H2) reduces risk of crossover accidents

Economic and sustainable

Rapid and easy installationSpace saving

Low whole-life costReduced traffic congestion – fewer lane closures

Designed to redirect errant vehicles

Variety of solutionsImproved worker safety – fewer interventions for repair

Reduced risk of impact injuries to motorcyclists because of its smooth face